conservation biologist • environmental journalist • author

Bahar Dutt is a conservation biologist and environment journalist.
As a Biologist she ran an animal ambulance for injured primates,
helped set up a rescue centre for them, and built rope bridges for
the Colobus monkey in East Africa, and spent a decade with snake
charmers across India on a community conservation project on a
sustainable livelihoods project.

As a television journalist, she has reported on some of the biggest
environment stories of our times . Her repertoire of reporting ranges
from the Arctic, to the rainforests of Indonesia. Her celebrated TV
series- Saving the Ganga’ for the news channel CNN-IBN ran in six
regional languages including History Tv 18 India and was one of
the highest rated TV shows. For this series she undertook a 2400
km journey as she followed the river Ganga from its source the
Gaumukh Glacier across five states to the Bay of Bengal where it
empties into the sea. In the second series she spent six months
trailing the Western Ghats from north to south, meeting the people
that inhabit one of the worlds ‘hottest hotspots’ and filming the
unique biodiversity of this landscape for a programme entitled
‘Saving India’s Western Ghats’.

Her environment investigations led to the shutdown of an illegal
shopping mall on the river bed of the Yamuna, an illegal mine in Goa
that was operating on forest land and helped halt the destruction of
the wetlands that were home to the Sarus cranes in Uttar Pradesh.

Winner of the Green Oscar, in 2006 her reportage has helped push
environment stories from an obtuse segment on television to
primetime news space. Broadcaster, environment editor, writer and
closet baker, she now lives a more ordinary life in New Delhi with her
dog Musibat ( Trouble) and her husband Vijay Bedi.

The Other Sibling FEBRUARY 2012
India’s news women JUNE 2008

Conservation Biologist
Environment Journalist