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'A Hundred Charmers’

Despite thirty years of the law being in existence, over 70 per cent of the Jogi-Naths are still dependent on snake charming to earn a livelihood. That’s why this project was initiated to help the snake charmers develop livelihoods in tune with wildlife laws. The Hundred Charmers is a unique band of its kind, developed with inputs from renowned theatre director Roysten Abel and without any snakes!

Setting up a rescue centre for primates in Delhi

There are no shelters in Delhi for primates this despite the fact that the city had a huge problem of conflict with rhesus macaques. The rescue centre in Sultanpur Haryana was set up by People for Animals. I was invo lved in assisting with the enrichment of the cages and monitoring the animals and their health and day to day running of the shelter. The shelter had space for 100 monkeys that were injured or rescued from laboratories and could nt be returned to the wild

Hunters or the forgotten people

The Bawarias of Rajasthan are a hunting , nomadic community that live on the edge of Sariska National Park. In 2004, I undertook a field survey of 100 families to find out what are their livelihood strategies and what can be done to use their skills for wildlife conservation

From cage to forest

For my masters thesis, I studied a family of Black Lion Tamarins at the Jersey Zoo , UK set up by author Gerard Durrell. The animals were to my delight, allowed to roam free in a secluded area of the zoo, or what is known as ‘free-ranging’. I had to assess if the animals exhibited behaviour that was different from the caged troop.


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