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This section has video links to the stories I did for CNN-IBN , covering all aspects of
environment journalism from undercover investigations , special reports to indepth
documentaries and interviews. It also includes stories and documentaries that won
national and international awards

We covered a range of news stories from tracking the Ministry’s policies to reporting on climate change or illegal mining

These were environment investigations that exposed for instance a forest officer who was diverting forests for illegal mining, another story that highlighted poaching of endangered birds and another that showcased how a corporate was breaking environment laws.

At Melting Point

This half hour documentary was shot in 2009 when I trekked upto the Gangotri Glacier at Gaumukhfor 21 kms to find out how climate change will impact the glacier. Accompanied by a team of scientists and a glaciologist, the documentary has stunning visuals of the landscape and mountain ecology and looks at issues related to climate change and the state of the Himalayan glaciers

From the Roof of the World

In 2011 I was invited by the Norwegian Government to look at the impact of climate change on the Arctic ecosystem. This documentary outlines whats happening on the roof of the world and how it will impact people in India

Saving the Ganga

A five part series that follows the river Ganga from its source Gaumukh in the Himalayas to the plains, right down to the sea over a 2400 km long journey. The documentary shot on high definition ran on History Tv18 and was translated into six regional languages. It also became a trendsetter in the media as it highlighted the plight of the Ganga due to hydropower projects.

Saving the Western Ghats of India

This five part series follows the Western Ghats considered to be one of the top 10 biodiversity hotspots of the world. What makes this region so special and what are the threats it is facing. In this series I went deep into a bat cave in Goa, went paragliding in Maharashtra to get an aerial view of the Ghats and caught a leopard on a kill in Karnataka! The series showcases individuals who are fighting to save India’s western ghats

Citizens of Earth

The new series brings stories from the farthest corners of the country on India's most endangered wild animals encapsulated in five episodes. The series led by award winning journalist Bahar Dutt, Environment Editor goes to desolate interiors of Rann of Kutch, Chambal in Rajasthan, Assam, Tripura, Orissa . The series focussed on animals like the gharial, turtles ,the lesser known primates of northeast India and big cats like tigers and leopards.


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