conservation biologist • environmental journalist • author

A modernizing economy brings in its wake ecological
challenges and misplaced priorities. Development, environment,
conservation, global warming – what do they mean in real terms,
on the ground, to the people there? Must development always be
in conflict with environment?

Combining rigorous research with the experienced traveller’s eye
for piquant stories, conservationist and environment journalist
Bahar Dutt chases some of the biggest stories of our times.
From Arunachal Pradesh to the Arctic, from Goa to Gangotri,
from illegal mining to climate change, Green Wars journeys to
some of the richest wilderness areas, and explores the tension
between a developing economy and saving the planet.

Lucid, heart-warming and intensely personal, this is a book
for green warriors, yes, but equally for those of us
who crave blue skies and fresh air.

The Sarus Crane Cannot Vote CHAPTER 02

Conservation Biologist
Environment Journalist